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Indirect Taxation

Customs (tax on import)
  • Assistance in getting the order from the transfer pricing division of the Indian Custom (SVB) - Registering, preparing documents for personal hearing and attending the same and getting the orders from the department.
  • Advising on any benefits that can accrue to the company either based on FTA or any notification issued by the government.
Goods And Services Tax
  • Checking the timely and correct availing of inputs credits on purchases and expenses
  • Checking the accounting of input credits
  • Checking proper calculation of tax liability on sales, set-off of input credit and the monthly tax payments
  • Filing of returns and ensuring adherence to laws
  • Reconciliations of the statutory returns with books records
  • Checking the status of various forms required under the Act
GST Consultants

With GST, India took a quantum leap towards the goal of establishing 'One Nation, One Market' by dismantling multiple taxes and unifying them into a single tax. From the very beginning, technology was envisaged to play a pivotal role in bringing about this tectonic shift in the Indirect Tax System in India.

The Goods and Services Tax GST is a consumption tax based on the credit invoice method where only the value addition at each stage is taxed, with a seamless flow of credit along the supply chain. It subsumed in its ambit a large number of consumption taxes that previously existed in India, administered separately by the Centre and the States, resulting in a greatly rationalized taxation structure. The umbrella system of GST inter alia integrated the tax administrations of the Federal and State Governments, making it a single interface for the taxpayers, creating an IT backbone that would match the details of inward & outward supplies at the level of line items, eliminating the cascading effect of taxes thereby making the country's exports more competitive in the global market and finally removing once and for all the age-old system of check posts for inter-State movement of goods. Besides altering the industrial landscape of the country, GST is also a never-heard-before experiment in fiscal federalism. Cutting across ideologies, politicians, policymakers and tax administrators negotiated, bargained and arrived at decisions - all in the interest of greater common good. The legislation that made up GST was put in the public domain for feedback multiple times at each stage, empowering all the stakeholders to deliberate on what kind of future they wanted to help design, in the truest spirit of democracy.

Primarily, GST is a tax levied on the supply of goods and services. In the case of an inter-state supply, it is called an integrated tax, levied by the Federal Government, administered jointly by the Centre and the States and later apportioned between them. In the case of an intra-state supply, it is levied in two components - the federal tax, levied by the Federal Government and the state tax/union territory tax, levied by the respective administrations.

Why SRA for filing GST?

Synergetic Reliable Associates ensures that the GST filing is hassle-free for you. For over a period of two years now, SRA has been assisting its clients in the successful filing of GST. We have been showing a clear path towards filing GST returns right from the day it was implemented in India. There was a lot of fog surrounding GST in the year 2017. We assisted our clients in gaining clarity over the new tax system and we ensured that our client's businesses were successfully registered under the GST. We are now a team of expert GST consultants.

We are available offline and online on working on the software like Lacrete, Pro Series, Taxwise, ATX, Handitax, etc. We have complete versions of all the tax preparation software in house. All the Tax Returns are reviewed by the CPA`s and C.A. at our operation center in India.