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Global Outreach

SGA World

SGA is an international network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms around the world.

The member firms offer a wide range of business services which include audit & assurance, taxation, accounting, legal and other ancillary services in management consulting and corporate finance.

All member firms are selected after proper due diligence and quality checks. We ensure that all member firms are well respected in their local markets. They possess and share similar values and qualities. They all cater their services to various types of clients from small and medium-sized businesses, fast-growing enterprises, multinational subsidiaries and branches, international companies or organizations and charity or not-for-profit organizations.

Attach link - https://www.sgaworld.org/

Abacus Worldwide

Abacus Worldwide is an alliance comprised of independently owned and managed professional service firms providing direct access to law firms and accounting firms in every region of the world. As a multidisciplinary membership association, both law and accounting firms join Abacus in order to support international business referrals, participate in knowledge exchange and gain access to practice management tools all to better serve their growing clients.

Attach link - http://www.abacusworldwide.org/